Someone nearest and dearest just gifted me a Jessica Craig-Martin (famed party circuit Vogue photog) print that so perfectly emblemizes my short career in the Big Apple that my heart burst when I ripped it open. Gold shoes, gluttonous desserts, champagne and just a little bit of controlled chaos. Truly, what a ride it’s been so far.

Anyway, this limited edition print is from 20x200, the impossibly perfect art for all site that sells prints in all sizes at all price points. Above is a smattering of other pieces available on the site. I’ve been following the company for a couple of years now, and it’s been a pleasure to watch as they gain traction in the media and as they expand the capabilities on their website.

If nothing else, it’s a treat to stare at beautiful (and affordable!) prints for a bit every once in a while. Or, in my case, everyday.