I am kind of a denim freak. I’m not one to repeat purchase articles of clothing — a girl really only needs one gingham shirt, if she chose wisely — but I can’t ever help it with denim. I am a repeat offender with jeans and shirts. I STRONGLY believe in the Canadian Tuxedo (hi, if it is two different shades of denim, it doesn’t count!)

Sidebar: it might help you to rock the top-to-bottom jean look by calling your button up “chambray.” Trust, people get distracted by that word. Meanwhile, I promise you want to try this out, because once you do, you will ALWAYS be pairing denim with denim. Especially with flower espadrille (yeah, I went there). Part dweeby, part hipster, part trendy, part “So what? I wear what I want!”

Anyway, I’m a fiend for denim. SO, imagine how AMPED I was to read about the two ladies of Job & Boss, right here in SF, who are hand-dyeing and hand-sewing and hand-everything these exquisite bags. The jean is dyed using an ancient Japanese technique called shibori (this is art, people!) by one of the girls and then completed with local leather by the other. That is my perfect definition of teamwork. 

Now give me the fucking bag, because there IS an ‘i’ in ‘denim.’

Track down at these boutiques, or shop their online store here.