It’s been pre-determined that I am a huge sucker for double-duty fashion and accessories. ESPECIALLY accessories. And peruse my previous post re: my more than mild obsession with denim/chambray/why don’t I just move to a ranch this instant.

Sooooooo, I kind of lost my mind when these bags were delivered to my Inbox from DailyCandy. Ali Golden, being enviably persistent in search of the perfect bag, just decided “Hey, I can do this better myself.”

And then, she did.

Reversible bags, made from fine leather, kickass denim, and fabric sourced by Ali personally, that have two PERFECT length straps for toting your own DIY projects, or multiple bottles of wine, all your leftover candy from Halloween (you were “helping” your cousins Trick-or-Treat … right?).

Regardless, scoop it up. Clearly, poor Ali isn’t cranking out 1,000s and 1,000s of these puppies. 

Read more about her here.

And then purchase here. (I want the white ikat. Too early for Christmas lists?)